Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Minor Issues

To be frank, before I had already set up my model list before I even sent out my spoiler.

BUT, due to the person I hired to do my bodies (and they did a very crappy job in which I had to go back over them and pretty much edit the whole thing) screwed up and lost one of my bodies. And two of the models I chosen are pretty much M.I.A. and I want faces that aren't non-existent. So I am working around it alone which leads to me saying that I WILL be choosing some of the applicants who applied.

But I am still not revealing models until the first line is released, so you never know who may be choosen.

It could be you!

Take care!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Line: 'Askew Ways'!

This is Savage's first spoiler for the my very first line! I call it 'Askew Ways' because I think it is more an odd ball way to go to the beach but still being fabulous, edgy, and elegant, which is what I aim to accomplish.

I made the design and the swimsuit graphic as well though this is one of the ones I trashed from the line, I decided to use it for the spoiler since it kind of hints what the line is like, but I used a different color scheme, so really it all is still a mystery. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Hopefully Savage could have a chance at Stardoll Fashion Week S/S!

Please spread the word about it and that we are looking for future models too!

Love, Dei

Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello! And welcome to the official Savage brand blog! Here I will share modeling opportunities for not only the brand but for other projects I own and also show spoilers and such from the brand!

I hope to see you soon <3